About Penny K


My name is Penny. I’ve always enjoyed traveling. Some of my fondest memories from childhood involved me seeing something new with my Mom. She is such an adventurous spirit, that despite her being widowed at 36yo, she would always push for us 4 siblings to travel and see the world.  We had such great experiences that I must say, has given us a better perspective about life rather than being confined in the limited realms of our country.  Traveling has become natural to me and as I’ve grown, curiosities have always led me to planning trips with family and friends.

Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To Travel is to Live” and I believe in this.  Travel may not necessarily be glamorous, it may be as simple as seeing something new in your neighborhood or sharing pleasant encounters with interesting people.  What is important is that the “travel”, however form you experience it, has contributed something good to you.

Friends have always been amused with my descriptive albums in FB.  I was never content with just a title and a stream of pictures.  I wanted to share more about our experiences – A little trivia, history, feedback and other useful tips.  I was always looking for significance rather than ticking something off a list.  It was also my reference for those “epidural moments”.

This blog is actually a new trip for me.  They say “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, and I am embarking on a new adventure.  With a little nudge from friends… I have finally decided to create this blog to share our explorations and hopefully impart something positive and inspirational for your future travels.  I do hope you enjoy my insights and I also hope to learn from your feedbacks.

Much appreciated.