When in Florida,NYC and DC with Mumsy and the Kids

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Planning an Itinerary for a Senior and children takes a lot of consideration.  What makes travelling around the US simpler though is that Daddy can easily rent a car and drive us around.  Less walking and a constant place to load the loot of the days in.  It was also a convenient nursery for our little one, as she was only 8months old then – solely breastfed.

The premise was this:

5nights Fort Lauderdale; 1night Port Canaveral; 4 nights Disney Cruise; 2nights Orlando; 3nights New York City and 4nights Virginia & Washington DC

With these stops in mind while maximising the attractions we can do / visit along the way, we were able to accomplish the below itinerary at a comfortable pace.  The sense of fulfilment enjoyed by all was attributed to the fact that we were just open and flexible with the plans while having a wish-list at bay.  Anyway, for what its worth, I am sharing this plan for said destinations who travel with the same family dynamics.  I hope you find the notes useful.


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