The Food Court at Level 5 – Westfield Mall, Sydney

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Shopping will always be a highlight but I am featuring this mall not because of its excellent retail selection but because of its amazing food court.  My cousin was raving about this and I was thinking to myself…. foodcourt??? But to see it is to be impressed.

IMG_2606 IMG_2607

IMG_2595 IMG_2591

IMG_2586  IMG_2592

Anticipating the mob, we decided to come for lunch early.  We arrived just in time as the stalls opened.   Despite the freedom to choose in peace, we were overwhelmed with the selection of popular brands available in one place – names that we would have to travel to certain places just to enjoy.  A foodie could spend the whole day just eating favorites there.



Xiao Long Bao Dumplings


Egg fried rice and deep fried pork chop


Shrimp and Pork Steamed Dumplings

Most of us ordered the dimsum and fried rice in Din Tai Fung for lunch.  We were more than content to satisfy our cravings.

IMG_2588 IMG_2715

And we went back to enjoy Ippudo Ramen for dinner.

IMG_2604 IMG_2597IMG_2599 IMG_2582

For dessert, you can have frozen yogurt at Yogurt World, savory chocolates and pastries at Via Del Corso or macarons in Laduree.


This is not your typical food court serving generic fare. There are plenty and diverse choices to cater for all tastebuds.
We found the food prices as reasonable, especially when you factor in the fact that you’re getting tasty and decent food.
It can get really crowded during weekday lunch hours or on the weekends but table turnovers are pretty quick and the food selection is really worth braving the crowds.

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