La Roca Village Outlets

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Barcelona, Spain, Europe, Story

The route back to BCN from Carcassone, France involved a retail side trip.  We crossed the border again without ceremony. Before long, we were already exiting towards Santa Agnes De Malanyanes.  The retail bugs were getting anxious as we spotted the big Mango and Adidas warehouses across the Main Outlet.  The Outlet looked like a quaint Mediterranean Village. It was pleasantly laid out so the selection of 100+ designer stores were easy to find.


We spent about 2.5 hours there and found some really good finds.  We were also pleasantly surprised to get additional discounts for our bargains.

The kids also found some reasonable deals and were entertained with the fun sculptures – reminiscent of Parc Guel’s.  Those bought me a few minutes as I would dash in and out of the stores.

It was good to finally see what this La Roca was all about.  It was not exactly the same case for us.  We did get to accomplish some things but we could have found the same in the city.  They indeed have a great selection of brand names. But to dedicate almost a whole day of shopping just to reach this place, I would rather get lost exploring the interesting alleys and trendy streets in the city.

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