Restaurant Recommendations in Japan

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Restaurants around Osaka


  1. Shabuzen  IMG_1202
    • 7F 2-4-2 Shinsaibashisuji, near the Glico man and D&G
    • Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki.
    • It’s a yummy place, though not a franchise of the Tokyo Shabusen resto.
  2. Sumiyakiyo
    • a quaint yakitori place
    • located in a small street off Dohuya-Suji St.
    • there is supposed to be a nice small bar around the corner for a night cap called Dandelion.
  3. Daruma Kushi-Katsu
    • Daruma Bldg., Hozenji-Yokocho St. (look for the statue of the angry man signifying “no double dipping)
    • convenient place to try this delicacy
  4. 5-Oh Ramen Noodle Soup Restaurant
  5. Honfukuzushi
    • 1-4-19 Nishi Shinsaibashi-suji, behind Daimaru department store
    • look for the huge sushi mold above the door
    • this sushi shop has been in operation for more than 180 years
    • watch sushi being pressed in wooden molds, Osaka style or oshi-zushi (Osakan sushi).
    • order the hakozushi, which comes with six pieces for ¥590
    • Tokyo-style nigiri and maki-sushi are also available.
  6. Fugetsu
    • Famous for its okonomiyaki
    • try the squid, octopus, and yakisoba (pork-fried noodles) or the butatama (an okonomiyaki with pork and egg from the English-language menu)
  7. Bar Tachibana
    • 1-9-19 Dotomburi, kust around the corner from the famous Ezaki Glico neon sign, walk south to the crossing with Tsutaya, at the basement of the Shochikuza Theater
    • ispecializes in tofu and izakaya food and has a microbrewery
  8. Kimukatsu – TonkatsuIMG_1453
  9. Kani Doraku
    • 1-6-18 Dotonbori, Osaka
    • specializing in kani (crab)
    • has a huge model crab on its facade, moving its legs and claws.
    • dishes range from kani-suki, ckani-chiri (a kind of crab sukiyaki), and fried crab dishes to crab croquette, roasted crab with salt, crab salad, crab sushi, and boiled king crab.
    • very expensive, the cheapest interesting lunch set is P1,750.
  10. Ichiran Ramen
    • Hi Tech  computer-button activated, booth-type ramen place.
  11. Takashimaya Department StoreCA370092
    • the basement has loads of prepared food and free tastings, opens at 10am
  12. Gyoza
    • look for the gyoza place beside Pablo cheesecake and diagonally across to Nike on Hachiman-Suji St.
  13. Luke’s Lobster – Shinsaibashi
    • fresh Maine lobster, crab and shrimp Rolls  (try Their Bisque too!)


  1. Bar Tachibana
    • located in the basement of the Hilton Hotel in Umeda
  2. Okonomiyaki Kiji
    • 1-1-90 Oyodo-naka, Osaka, near the Osaka Station.
    • Takimikoji Village, located in the basement of the same building as the Floating Garden Observatory.
    • it serves what some Osakans swear is the best okonomiyaki in town

Restaurants around Sapporo

  1. Dai-Akkeshi at the “Hug Market” for appetizers
    • located at Tanuki-koji market 5
    • get the oysters at ¥700 for 2 pieces (you can get it fresh, grilled or steamed. fresh was better) or grilled scallops at ¥400/piece.
    • another alternative oyster place nearby is Gotsubo (TA#6) – 4 Minami 6-jo Nishi, but it’s closed for lunch.
  2. “Ramen Yokocho”  IMG_1437
    • an alleyway of noodle shop after noodle shop
    • most are open daily from 11:30am to 3am
  3. Nijo Market (Nijō Ichiba)
    • A few steps from Tanuki-koji
    • it’s a public market that occupies about one city block
    • offers fresh seafood and local produce
  4. Wagyu Ishizaki!
    • prices range from Y1,700-3,600 for 5-6 pieces
    • the “Jo Kalbi” meat was the best
    • assorted veggies (Y1,200), Tongue (Y2,000)
    • inside the Elegance Fujii building. Look for the sign that has a cow inside a circle
  5. Sushizanmai IMG_1450open 24 hours
    • must get the crab paste, sweet shrimp, minced tuna, and sea eel sushis; deep fried river shrimps; and Gindara·
  6. Le Gentilhomme
    • the best French resto in TA was 30 minutes away by cab.
    • Menu A listed just 5 courses (hors d’oeuvre, fish, a choice of main, dessert; café et mignardiese) for Y6,831 with tax.
    • you’ll actually 2 hors d’oeuvres, fish, main, dessert, then a dessert bar that you can have as many choices as you like

Restaurants around Niseko

  1. The Barn by Odin
    • fine dining
    • good Beef Fillet
  2. A-Bu-Cha 2nd
    • nice Setting and good Japanese Fusion Food
  3. Bang Bang  IMG_1409
    • Yakitori and Wagyu
    • a bit on the Pricey side
  4. Rosso Rosso
    • good Hokkaido Beef Steak
  5. Karabina
    • not many items in the menu but mostly delicious
    • try the mushroom with cheese, clam with soupy rice , grille mackerel with salt, potatoes with butter, fried chicken
  6. Villa Lupicia
    • serves International Dishes from the freshest Hokkaido ingredients
    • go for lunch instead as dinner is expensive
  7. Niseko Loft Club
    • Indoor BBQ Restaurant
    • lamb/venison, beef available; cook your own meat and local vegetables at the table
    • their delicious home-made raspberry juice is famous throughout the area.
  8. Hilton’s Rera Restaurant  IMG_1449
    • amazing quality of sushi, but this comes at a price
    • lunch is more reasonable pricewise as you can get as much sushi as you can eat within one hour
    • the selection at dinner time is wider
    • some favorites were tuna toro and squid with yuzu salt
  9. Niseko Supply Company
    • Known for its Crepes

Restaurants around Tokyo 


  1. Mon cher ton ton
    • Kobe beef teppanyaki
  2. Uka tei
  3. Imahan Ginza  IMG_1634
    • best sukiyaki
    • shabu shabu
  4. Fuunji (tsukemen)
    • known for its ramen
  5. Ichiran
    • there are various location all over Tokyo
    • known for its ramen
  6.  Tenichi
    • the original Ginza location is at 6-6-5 Ginza, Namaki-dori Chuo-ku
    • great tempura
  7. Tempura Tsunahachi

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