The Farm at San Benito

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Sundays are ideal days for my husband and I to enjoy a drive.  While the kids sleep until Brunch, we would sneak out for breakfast in Tagaytay or spend the day at Leisure somewhere nearby.  I look forward to these “brisk dates” just to catch up 🙂

The Farm at San Benito was never close to my consideration before.  Meat Lovers we are, we couldn’t fathom spending so much just to eat leaves – as some friends would say.   Had it not been for that “Day at The Farm” Promo my friend shared at Deal Grocer, we wouldn’t have realised that such nurturing was exactly what we needed.

img_3902Can we have “Sundates” here often?
Peaceful path towards Healing Nurture Spa; A Relaxing Yoga Session by the Amphitheatre with landscape views; By the 200 Year Old Mango Tree.



Survived our Vegan Lunch. Almost everything came from their garden. Surprisingly very tasty.
Tranquil view by the Healing Nature Spa; One of two garden pavilions at the Healing Nature Spa. Perfect spot for our couple’s relaxation massage.


Cool dip 💦 chill out music while taking in the views of Mt. Malarayat and the rolling landscape below. ❤️ how this place was planned with such admiration for nature.



Nestled in a secluded private garden are 5 Sulu Terraces. Modelled after traditional Philippine rice barns with wood-beamed ceilings and thatched roofs, the rustic yet air-conditioned houses impart a cozy feeling of a modern day tree house with the sleeping and sitting area upstairs and the outdoor lounge area and bathroom located separately downstairs. 👍
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Expectant Mothers practicing Taichi. They look so peaceful.
A Peek into one of the Palmera Glass Villas. Beautiful Modern Tropical Interiors with your own Private terrace and Garden. This is already pretty for us, what more if we saw the higher end Narra, Lakan or Master Villas that comes with their own private pools


Resident Peacocks just move around nonchalantly…….

Pre-conceived notions about The Farm at San Benito should never be a deterrent. Folks!  The truth is, you are doing a disservice to yourself if you choose not to experience this. Just 2 – 2.5hours away from Manila, it is an accessible place to relax, refresh and revive!  Apart from the vegan diet – that is of course, healthier :), we left the place calm and relaxed – Mind, Body and Spirit rebooted.   We all deserve some time to heal ourselves.


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