A Memorable Day in Stockholm

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Despite being spread across 14 islands, Stockholm’s 57 bridges mean it is well-connected and essentially compact.

Stockholm was indeed the best for last! Given our ship’s massive size, we had to dock 55km away from the city. That was a challenge for us to plan our day efficiently. Proud to say, we accomplished much. We sat through the whole HOHO bus tour, experienced Stockholm at its best – cruising down its canals, saw the Vasa up close, met my cousin for lunch at Gamla Stan and enjoyed our free time perusing through galleries, chic boutiques with a pit stop at Hamley’s and breeze through NK – their most luxurious department store  

6AM Breakfast Views in Nynashamn.  It was going to be an amazing race of a day!


We were set to take the train to the city.  Good thing there were HOHO buses waiting outside our terminal.   There was no need to switch buses as the sightseeing tour naturally proceeded once we arrived in Stockholm.  For a minimal fee, you can include a HOHO Boat tour as well.
A highlight that day was visiting the Vasa Museum. The most visited museum in Scandinavia. The three masts on the roof outside the specially built complex shows the height of the ship’s original masts. 
Apart from the Hoho Bus, we also got to venture via Hoho boats. As Stockholm is built across 14 islands with almost the entire city on the water, taking a boat trip is the perfect way to see the Swedish capital.
Gamla Stan, the Old Town, is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. This is where Stockholm was founded in 1252.
Quick Pit Stop at Hamley’s and a breeze through NK Department Store.  Beautiful display of items.  Wish we had more time for shopping.  NK Photos courtesy of Stockholm Tourist and Design Houses Stockholm.

It was sunny yet bitingly cold. To the point that it snowed to our delight. We ended the Day throwing snowballs (kids were bullying me) and doing Boomerang shots with Hall and Oats playing in the background at Deck 17.






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