Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and a Weekend in Bath

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I can still remember how stressed I was if we could apply for both Schengen and UK visas in time for this trip.  Since we were travelling to Prague, we decided to visit friends and relatives in UK as well.  But given the narrow window I had to plan, I wouldn’t repeat that cramming again.  Thankfully, there were no hitches despite the tedious documentation and processes required by both consulates then.  I even got a 4-year Multiple Entry Schengen Visa for my diligence :))

We had an open invitation to visit my Aunt in Bath.  It was the perfect opportunity to get together with my relatives whom, I have not seen in a while.  Considering the distance from London (2.44 hours by car), I thought of joining a tour along the way.  I decided to sign us up on the .  If all went well, we were to be left in Bath to stay with my aunt for the weekend.  But just when you pray all goes well, sometimes there is Traffic to re-route your course.  Thankfully, our guide was considerate enough to ensure we saw all before leaving us in Bath.

We met the bus in one of their Hotel landmarks then headed west of the city.  Our first stop was Windsor Castle. The longest-occupied palace in the world, Windsor Castle has been home to the British royal family for nearly 1,000 years. Our guide led us around the lavish State Apartments until we made our way to the famed St George’s Chapel.


Clouded in mystery, the ancient stone circles of Stonehenge is an amazing feat of engineering and the most prehistoric site in England.

We were admiring the rolling Wiltshire countryside on the way to Stonehenge.  It was an awestruck sight located on a plain near Salisbury – A mystical formation of ancient stones, its origin, spiritual significance – of interesting discussion to many scholars.  Thought to date back 5,000 years, Stonehenge is a puzzle that may never be solved.

What a blessing that our day went as planned.  Traffic eventually opened up to our last stop of the day, the fabled town of Bath. We continued on the panoramic tour of the city to admire its stately architecture and charming narrow streets. Then we visited the Bath Abbey and the Pulteney Bridge, which was inspired by Florence’s Ponte Vecchio.  We also made time to wander around, the city’s claim to fame, the Roman baths, one of Europe’s best-preserved Roman spa sites.

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Staying a weekend in Bath was definitely a great idea.  My Aunt and Uncle were the perfect hosts.  Their place, one in a row of Georgian Heritage Houses near the Royal Crescent was gorgeous!  We slept so soundly in their cozy guest room and ate too well with all the food they spoiled us with.  I am still relishing those refreshing morning walks, as we ventured around town sans the tourists.  Their regular errands were social calls with old friends tending to their quaint stores. The air was calm and peaceful – truly a serene retirement choice they’ve made for themselves then.

They were so sweet to take us around the outskirts of town.  We felt so privileged to see these places, as tourists normally rush back to the City.

Our last evening was spent dining with locals at The Pack Horse Pub at South Stoke.  The pub dates from 1498, when it was rebuilt on the site of an earlier guesthouse or hostelry built by monks to provide shelter with food and drink for travellers and pilgrims.  It remains a local favourite among locals.

On our way back to London, we took a side trip to Oxford.  A wonderful place to wander: Oxford is one of the world’s most famous university cities famed for its dreamy spires.  It is a privileged place steeped in history.  Honey-toned buildings of the university’s colleges are scattered throughout the city, wrap around tranquil courtyards along cobbled streets. We couldn’t help but feel a bit of envy as we watched the students go about their usual days.  How inspiring it must be to live in this prestigious city while enjoying the energetic, youthful vibe.

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