London Rendezvous

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I have fond memories of London.  Albeit my short visits to this city, there was always a highlight I was grateful to experience here.  Sure, we did the usual touristy activities but there were these favoured moments London has granted us each time.  How fortunate we were to catch Leah Salonga as Kim, in the debut production of Ms. Saigon or get pleasantly lost in Camden Lock Market as we strolled with family friends.   Another instance I thought precious was spending 2 full days casually exploring the city with Lola Isabel (Our Beloved Katigbak Matriarch) and the rest of the family while capping the last evening off with authentic Indian Cuisine.

Anton and I were thankful to spend some quality time with good friends. How serendipitous it was to catch each other in London.  Like it was our first time to go around, we saw the Buckingham Palace and took the HOHO around the city together.

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Indeed, time whisked away too quickly as we were having much fun!  In this visit, the highlight for me was the Borough Market.

Then its time to travel on.  Our quick rendezvous in London has again dropped a ball in my jar of pleasantries.  The city seems to tease me to come back for more.  If time wasn’t a luxury… but I believe I am destined to appreciate it through a series of admirable encounters.  I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I will.  I smile at the idea of what more London can fancy me with.

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