Bali at 40 with the Girls: The Itinerary

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Turning 40 spurs mixed emotions!  I was at the brink with my co-Titas-of-Manille (as we humorously mock ourselves).  We decided to see it as victorious and worth the celebration!  Thus a well-deserved get away was meticulously planned by the boss!  Our group consisted of four ladies from Manila, one from Kuala Lumpur and one all the way from Seattle. We met up in amazing Bali.

The planning process involved a lot of filtering.  Can you imagine 6 particular women with different details in mind?  So many ideas bouncing back and forth.  Thankfully, the Boss stepped up to the plate and  decided for all of us with everyone’s wish list in mind.  The itinerary below put us all into place:IMG_2125

2014-10-03 10.10.58Moving around Bali was so convenient with our own Mini Bus.  We had a spacious coaster all to ourselves – ideal for mobile cocktail parties had we thought of it then. Wayan, our driver was so patient with us! His rate for the whole trip at $50 for five full days was a steal. Since then, we have become loyal customers!


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