Breathtaking Batanes

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Batanes has been on my mind for years! But my plan was always shelved in place of other trips. With limited flights and select accommodations available plus tours and meals that impute the cost of sourcing gas and ingredients from Manila – A trip to our Northern most point costs as much as going abroad. Yet it is a destination not to be missed! Many proudly say it’s rolling hills and cliff side views towards the Pacific Ocean and West Philippine Sea are reminiscent of New Zealand or Scotland. I can imagine — it really is!

I feel like our pictures don’t give justice to the landscapes we saw. Each place was like a scene from a movie. Our enthusiastic guide, Art would even relate some to scenes of Middle Earth from “Lord of the Rings”. We enjoyed his energy and truly appreciated his eagerness to capture beautiful family and “post -nup ” pictures. I would highly recommend him to friends who plan to visit soon.   He was great and unconventional in ways he would urge us to experience Batanes differently. He loves his stage so much that he was even happy to share a virtual tour of Batanes through our pictures. Tourism is slowly but surely progressing there.

February is the most pleasant month for traveling to Batanes. The weather is cold but sunny. Staying at the Fundacion Pacita is a treat in itself. Only an Artist could have this vision of romance perched on a hill amidst the vast expanse of rolling pasture lands. We took time just to enjoy the property itself as well.

Another place to venture there is Itbayat Island. If the journey to Sabtang Island was through a wavy (8-10feet swells) 30min boat ride where the Ocean and Sea meet, this one takes 2-3hours. But brave souls will surely be rewarded with amazing views of caves, coasts and cliffs where even one can dive into small lagoons. Think Chateau D ‘If and the island of Monte Cristo (from the Movie – Count of Monte Cristo).



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