Oslo & Bergen Side Trip

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Norway is the most mountainous, most scenic, and most prosperous of all the Scandinavian countries.

While Oslo and Bergen are the big draws for tourists, Norway’s greatest claims to scenic fame are her deep, lush fjords. The surrounding countryside is decorated with medieval stave churches, fishing boats, cascading waterfalls, dramatic glaciers, and brightly painted shiplap villages. There’s a certain mystique about the “land of the midnight sun,” but the most picturesque travel thrills can be enjoyed by going west from Oslo rather than north. The entire west coast is slashed by stunning fjords – Sognefjord tops the list, with tiny but tough ferries, towering canyons, and isolated farms and villages bathed in the mist of countless waterfalls. 

Our family of 5 planned this brisk side trip to see more of Norway before embarking on our Scandinavian Cruise. From Oslo, we zipped through the fjords following the “Norway in a Nutshell” route to Bergen. Our heads spun from all the sights – an experience so surreal, as if we travelled back through time / worlds – with natural landscapes left to thrive on its own. That was indeed an overwhelming experience! 

My mind was set to visit the beguiling city of Bergen. Although considered the second largest city in Norway, it opts to maintain its small-town charm and atmosphere. 

Founded more than 900 years ago, Bergen has roots to the Viking Age and beyond. For centuries, it was a rich trading port servicing Norway and the rest of Europe. Bryggen, (“The Hanseatic Wharf”) is the most obvious remnant from this time, and is today home to many of the city’s restaurants, pubs, craft shops and historical museums.

Around 10 percent of the population in Bergen are students, which adds a fresh and youthful mood to the city’s vibe. Our kids were only too delighted to discover that the stores were just as chic and current as the metropolis’. We were also lucky to catch the Annual Bergen Marathon on our last day. Breakfast was certainly entertaining with views of the lively crowd cheering their runners on.




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